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"I have a Life insurance policy through my employer but felt the coverage it provided was inadequate to provide for my family. I was referred to Bull City Insurance Agency who proposed an insurance program to fit my specific needs. They were prompt and professional and I highly recommend their services."
- Joe, Clayton

Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Why do I need Life Insurance?

Your financial security could affect your loved ones as much as, or more than, it affects you. Life insurance offers protection from life's unforeseen risks, and the power to leverage assets so you can accomplish more. Life insurance has tax advantages and flexibilities to help you meet your changing needs. It can provide:

  • Financial protection for your loved ones or your business
  • Income replacement
  • Supplemental retirement income
  • Account value growth that can be used as a financial resource
  • Tax-deferred asset accumulation
  • Efficient wealth transfer solutions
  • A funding vehicle for business owners

Consider life insurance as an important component of your financial strategy.

Coverages available

Term Life - For temporary coverage

  • Life insurance for a fixed period of time: one, five, 10 years or longer
  • Most economical form of life insurance
  • Guaranteed death benefit within the specified term
  • No return of investment at the end of your term

Universal Life - For flexible coverage

  • Benefits of traditional life insurance
  • Potential to grow cash value over time at a set rate
  • Flexibility to set the amount of your monthly premium
  • Flexibility to set the amount of your death benefit while the policy is in force (subject to underwriting approval)
  • Earnings are not taxed until paid out (tax-deferred)